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High Top Training Shows You How To Quickly And Effectively
Increase Your Menu Exposure...At ZERO Cost To You!


The Momentum Your Bar Or Restaurant Needs To Survive The Pandemic... And Thrive On The Other Side.

  • Learn why your menu is the MOST underutilized tool in your toolbox and how you can use it to get more customers, more conversations, more orders and higher ticket values...automatically.
  • Instructions on how to set up a free messenger bot so you can deliver more menus and get cheaper advertising at the same time.
  • A video tutorial on how to put the “Hail Menu” template to work
  • Step-by-step learn to execute & deploy this strategy for absolutely free.
  • Written instructions on how to deploy the strategy so you can quickly reference the steps

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden fees or charges? If not, why are you giving this away?

Signing up for this program is completely free. We know this is a challenging time for bar and restaurant owners, and we've put this training together so that as many of them as possible can have the tools they need to make it through.

How much time does the training take?

The training is composed of a short video and includes some extra resources to get your strategy off the ground. While the exact time to complete it will vary, we've designed the training to be quick and easy so you can have it running as soon as possible.

How do I get access to the training?

Just click the button below to sign up. You'll receive an email with a link to set up your login information.

What kinds of results can I expect?

Chatbots appeal to customers because they are conversational, easy and enjoyable to use. They are one of the fastest growing marketing tools available, generating anywhere from a 35-100% increase in revenue for businesses.

With digital attention at its peak because of people staying at home, it's the perfect tool to implement for your business's success.

How soon can I expect to see results?

With this training in place, you can expect to reach your customers faster and with less effort than before. Every restaurant or bar obviously has its own unique variables, but all people need your menu to order food.

Having your menu readily available will dramatically increase your odds of success.

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