Do You Have The Right Ecommerce Tools In Your Corner?

Find Out How To Use Your Platform To The Fullest And Scale Your Business—Without Wasting Time Or Money.


March 18, 2020 WeWork 500 7th Avenue New York City 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM  

 $75 Admission (70% off MSRP) 

With over 48 ecommerce platforms to choose from, more than 3,000 apps in the Shopify and BigCommerce platforms alone and Magento 1 end of life on the horizon, the stakes for making the right decisions for your business have never been higher.  

Join us for this exclusive 4 hour event featuring leading ecommerce experts as they break down Shopify and BigCommerce, two heavyweight platforms, and help you discover which one will help your store come out on top.


This 4-Hour Exhibition Will Make It Possible To:

Find confidence in your platform—and know what to do if you don't.

Improve the health and longevity of your ecommerce store

Feel secure to replatform without regret and wasted money

Provide your customers with a better experience

Take the confusion out of ecommerce platforms

PLUS: Learn how to add other big hitters to your network...and much more!


Meet The Experts

Greg Johnston Managing Director, Be A Part Of  

We’re a 22-person team of passionate eCommerce gurus driven by the desire to innovate. We work with growing eCommerce merchants on developing digital solutions across every industry. Since 2004, we’ve empowered our clients to be highly competitive in their industry by truly understanding their business, solving complex challenges and pushing the envelope on innovation. We are one of BigCommerce’s original few agency partners and are a Certified Digital Marketer partner.  

Cesar Beltran Chief Technology Officer, Blackbelt Commerce  

Blackbelt Commerce is a technology team with a big vision. We help ambitious eCommerce entrepreneurs explode their sales and improve their businesses through smart, well-managed, conversion-driven development. We are the world's top Shopify & BigCommerce partners, having worked on over 500 Shopify eCommerce stores. Based on our customers' reviews, we are the #1 eCommerce Expert Agency in the market today. We operate in the US, UK, and Australia.  

Nick Ciriello Founder & Managing Director, Cirius Marketing  

My team and I are dedicated to providing consistent, user friendly, business websites and marketing solutions that eliminate the frustrations that lead customers to your competitors. We’ve worked with many businesses across North America over the years on Sales Funnel Design and Implementation, Marketing Automations, Content Development and Creation (Blog, Social Media, etc.), Market Research, Comprehensive Web Design, Email Marketing, Brand Development & eCommerce.  

Featured In:

Main Event Schedule

Discussions, Debates, Networking and More

 3:00-3:30 - Greeting and Networking

 3:30-3:50 - Shopify & BigCommerce: How Did We Get Here? Greg Johnston, Be A Part Of

3:50-4:10 - 2020 Omni-Platform Organic Strategies Cesar Beltran, Blackbelt Commerce

4:10-5:10 - Shopify & Big Commerce Main Debate Cesar Beltran, Blackbelt Commerce Greg Johnston, Be A Part Of

5:10-5:40 - Customer Value Journey & Paid Marketing Nick Ciriello, Cirius Marketing

5:40-6:20 - 2020 Ecommerce Trends and General Q&A Greg Johnston, Be A Part Of

6:20-6:50 - Final Thoughts, Wrap-Up, and Networking 

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm pretty happy with my current ecommerce platform. Is this event for me?  

Absolutely. As the exhibition will detail, the field of ecommerce has come a long way and its evolution is far from complete. This event will reinforce your confidence in your current strategy and reveal tools to strengthen your approach even more.  

What's the advantage of coming to an event to learn this information? Can't I just research it online?  

Sure you could....but the amount of information you can find online about this topic is too large to sift through on your own. This event will remove the confusion from ecommerce by detailing the history of these platforms, their strengths and weakneses and how to know you've made the right choice...or what modifications you need to make.  

Our approach will be easy to understand, interactive and fun as you explore the options available to you.  

I think I want to replatform, but I'm afraid to take the time and resources to do it. Will this event help me make an informed decision that I can feel good about?

We hope so. The event will give a comprehensive look at this topic, including how to know when it's time to replatform and how to make an informed decision about your business's ecommerce and technology stack so you can save your company time, money and headaches, not to mention ensure your store's longevity, sustainability and profitability.  

I don't know anything about ecommerce and am just getting started—can I still join?  

Of course. This is a great event for anyone who wants to get their feet wet with learning about what's out there in the world of ecommerce, where it's been and where it's headed in the future. 

How do I get signed up?

Our signup process has two steps. First, you'll provide us with your name and email address. This is important—to help you get the most out of the exhibition, we'll be sending you some assignments to complete in the weeks leading up to the event. 

When you submit your information, you'll instantly be taken to the registration page to sign up and complete your reservation.

I want to visit the event page, but am not sure I'm going to register. Do I still have to give my email address?

Whether you end up registering or not, we still want you to receive our preparation materials—just so you can see what the event is all about. If you decide not to sign up, no problem—you can still feel free to use the resources we send out. 

How much does it cost?

With presentations by ecommerce industry experts on a variety of topics, this is a high value event. Because we believe in our mission of helping ecommerce business owners make the best decisions for their stores, we are offering tickets at $75 (70% off the suggested price).

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. You will be prompted to enter your card information at checkout on the event page.

Where is the exhibition located?

The event will be held at WeWork business coworking space at 500 7th Avenue in New York City, within walking distance of Times Square, Penn Station, Grand Central Station, and other landmarks.

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